Saturday , 20 January 2018
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Our Board of Directors

Katie Drewel, Chair (IDF Class of 2012)

John Schochet, Vice Chair (IDF Class of 2010)

Josie Regan, Secretary (IDF Class of 2012)

Meadow Johnson, Treasurer (IDF Class of 2009)

Jason Bennett (former IDF executive director)

Dean Nielsen (IDF founder)

Javier Valdez (IDF founder)

K.D. Chapman-See (IDF Class of 2006)

Thomas Pitchford (IDF Class of 2006)

Dylan Carlson (IDF Class of 2007)

Elizabeth Siegel (IDF Class of 2008)

Joseph Peha (IDF Class of 2011)

David Mendoza (IDF Class of 2012)

Dusty Hoerler (IDF Class of 2013)

Joanna Nesgoda (IDF Class of 2013)

Olgy Diaz (IDF Class of 2014)

Chipalo Street (IDF Class of 2015)

Courtney Smith (IDF Class of 2015)

Lakecia Farmer (IDF Class of 2016)

Maha Jahshan (IDF Class of 2016)

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