Are you passionate about equity and social justice? Would you like to join a small team in providing culturally relevant professional development, keynotes, consulting, coaching, and one-on-one diversity leadership support? Cultures Connecting believes in a world based on principles of equity and justice where all people recognize their role as change agents. We are looking to hire two experienced facilitators, one full-time and one part-time, to help us support organizations as they increase their cultural competence and develop strategies to dismantle institutional racism. Please note, this opportunity is for contract work. This is not a salaried position. Cultures Connecting will assist you in building your client base. To be considered, please send the following two documents to the Cultures Connecting Administrative Specialist Mercedes Robinson:

  • A current resume
  • Written responses to the following four questions. Please submit no more than two pages total for all questions.

Applicant Questions

  1. Our small team is strengthened by diversity in identity. Please briefly tell us anything about who you are that we will not see in your resume.
  2. Our Foundational Beliefs are listed on the last page of this application. Choose one that most resonates with you and tell us why it is foundational to your equity consulting and facilitating work. Alternatively, please tell us about a belief that guides you in this work that you do not see listed.
  3. Why do you want to be a Racial Equity Consultant with Cultures Connecting?
  4. We want to learn about what motivates you to do this work.
  5. Tell us about a difficult experience you’ve had facilitating a conversation about race with a group. What new self-awareness, knowledge of participants, and/or skills did you gain from this experience? 

An outstanding candidate will demonstrate most of the following qualifications (but need not have all to apply):

  • Bring diversity in identity, knowledge, and experience to our small team
  • Experience facilitating conversations about race with large and small groups
  • Skills in supporting organizational development
  • Coaching and/or consulting experience
  • Ability to recognize and effectively navigate racial power dynamics
  • Understanding of best practices in adult education
  • Creativity
  • Able to build and model cross-cultural relationships
  • Personal awareness of your own internalized oppression, internalized superiority, privilege, and implicit bias, and how this tends to show up in your interactions with others
  • Knowledge of institutional racism, both historically and in the current social and political climate
  • Committed to personal growth and lifelong learning
  • Resilience in the face of adverse experiences
  • Self-motivated and able to track a range of multiple responsibilities (we regularly have more than 10 clients we are working with in a given month)
  • Skills in creating Power Point presentation and curricular materials

We will have a rolling review process, with priority given to documents received by Friday, June 29, 2018. Selected finalists will be invited to facilitate a mock training on Thursday, July 26, 2018. If you are a finalist and are unable to attend you may submit a video clip of you facilitating. If you have questions, please send them to Mercedes.Robinson@culturesconnecting.

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