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Washington Post – WonkBlog Writer (Virtual)

The Washington Post is looking to add a new voice to its premier policy vertical, Wonkblog. This writer will offer analytical stories from the worlds of economics, business and public policy, often using graphics and data to illustrate riveting ideas and perspectives.

Wonkblog writers, who bring expertise in particular subjects to the vertical, are also expected to canvass the news broadly and offer reported insights on a wide range of topics. We place a premium on original thinking, an engaging and conversational writing style, and a hunger to be widely read and shared. We are also seeking someone who desires both to be part of the news cycle and to propose ambitious, digital-minded pieces that use a variety of storytelling techniques to engage our readers.

Wonkblog plays an essential role in helping our readers understand the news around them. Washington is considering vast changes to taxes, trade, domestic spending, the safety net, industrial policy, regulation and immigration. States and cities have become labs for testing new – and diverging – policies on issues ranging from law enforcement and civil rights to economic opportunity and transportation. There’s renewed interest in the ways that geography and ideology divide us, the future of globalization, the power of populism and other business and economic currents shaping the country and the world.

This writer will be expected to use the tools of digital storytelling to make an impact—which could mean incorporating visuals in an engaging way, capitalizing on data and graphics, and devising the perfect headline for social media. Above all, the goal will be to clarify complex topics and enhance readers’ understanding of the dominant issues of the day.

Interested candidates should contact David Cho (, Zachary Goldfarb ( or Tracy Grant ( by May 12.

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