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Project Feast – Programs Coordinator

This position enables smooth interface between culinary apprenticeship program, our partners, and the Project Feast team. The program coordinator will coordinate Project Feast’s partnership with Highline College, manage outreach and enrollment for the Apprenticeship Program, maintain the schedule and update curriculum for the apprenticeship program, interface with local refugee and immigrant entrepreneurs as well as coordinate our partnership with the Food Innovation Network. While this is listed currently as full time, we may be able to accommodate a part-time position temporarily for the right candidate.

Apprenticeship Program Coordination

  • You will conduct the outreach and enrollment for the Culinary Apprenticeship Program. This program is 5 months in length and enrollment will happen twice a year
  • You will assist in the planning of and facilitation of the program orientation
  • You will design the curriculum schedule of classes for each cohort
  • You will ensure that the apprentices are prepared with curriculum materials for daily lessons
  • You will teach some of the classes or organize other staff or volunteers to do so. These classes include basic kitchen hygiene, cooking temperatures, knife skills, measurement, recipe writing, menu development, customer service, and customer experience
  • You will update curriculum design as needed throughout the course of the apprenticeship program
  • Our program is accredited through Highline College. Our apprentices need to register as Highline students. You will assist students with the registration process.
  • You will work with Highline College’s WorkForce department to assist students in applying for workforce funding such as Basic Food Education Training
  • You will assist students in navigating the Highline College systems such as Canvas and connect students to Highline College resources
  • Once apprentices graduate, you will help connect them with employers who are the right fit for them or help refer them to relevant services for further training

Kitchen Management

  • Work with the Food Innovation Network (FIN) entrepreneurs to schedule time at the Kent kitchen
  • Ensure that the kitchen calendar is kept up to date
  • Ensure that the FIN entrepreneurs are informed of PF training opportunities
  • Help mentor the FIN entrepreneurs
  • Help source ingredients and products from local farmers and entrepreneurs that would work with the PF catering and café menus

Community Events Coordination

  • You will coordinate the monthly community events including working with the business owners, facilitating group discussions and ensuring high attendance
  • You will ensure that we coordinate with the rest of the staff and kitchen as needed for these community programs
  • You will work with our alumni network and apprentices to enable their presence at events and help them grow their network

New Programs

  • There may be an opportunity to help launch one or two new programs. These may include ideas like weekly cooking events which you would help design and facilitate or launching an employer network for our graduates.


  • You have 2 years experience in the food industry including back of house
  • You have 2 years of instructional experience
  • You have customer service experience or are willing to learn
  • You are an experienced facilitator
  • You are able to have a flexible schedule and work some evenings and weekends


  • You are willing to adopt the Project Feast values and live them on a daily basis
  • You believe in the potential of refugees and immigrants to succeed in the food industry and are willing in invest in their learning
  • You understand that our participants may come from backgrounds of trauma. You are knowledgeable about trauma informed practices or are willing to learn
  • You have strong interpersonal skills
  • You either have or are highly interested in developing your cross-cultural communication skills
  • You are detail oriented and are able to plan for events so that risks are mitigated
  • You can be firm when needed and hold participants accountable
  • You have the ability to inspire and motivate others
  • You are able to stay professional with apprentices and staff should differences arise. You are able to work with compassion and understanding for all stakeholders


  • The salary range starts at $38,000 and depends on experience
  • Project Feast offers 20 days of vacation annually
  • Lunch is available every weekday
  • There is currently no health care coverage offered

We HIGHLY encourage refugees, immigrants and women to apply. To apply please contact Veena Prasad at

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