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Community Solutions – Deputy Communications Director

Job Title:
Deputy Director, Communications

About Community Solutions:
Community Solutions is a hardworking team of social problem solvers working to end homelessness and the conditions that create it. We help communities use modern problem solving tools, like design thinking and quality improvement, to tackle the hardest and most complex social challenges. Since 2011, we’ve helped US communities find homes for more than 160,000 homeless Americans at a taxpayer savings of more than $1.3b. Our work has been featured on 60 Minutes and recognized by the White House, the United Nations and the Smithsonian.

Job Summary:
We need a Deputy Director for our Communications team to bring strong leadership and creative energy to our work! This position can be based in NYC, DC, LA or Atlanta. It involves frequent travel and calendar flexibility. (It also comes with a great team of built-in friends!)

The Deputy Director role is a new one— you’ll be supporting our Director of International Partnerships and Public Affairs and providing execution support and hands-on leadership to the Communications team. We’re looking for a top notch implementer who can collaborate on a strategy and then lead the team through getting it done.

The candidate of our dreams is organized, but not rigid— a “get stuff done” kind of person who can work out a plan of action quickly in the face of ambiguity and changing information (this environment offers a lot of both). You’ll be given goals here, not instructions, and it will be up to you to chart the course and pull in the people you need. We’re also looking for the sort of person who finds problem solving fun and who sees multiple paths to the same outcome. We’re a small team with a nonprofit budget, so experience getting creative with limited resources is a plus.

It will also help if you’re an extrovert, because you’re going to have to maintain thriving and active relationships with the leaders of each of our internal social change teams. (Also, our Communications team has a lot of introverts, and we value balance!) You should also be an OPTIMIST— the kind of person who makes work fun and who naturally enhances collaboration among other team members. We think this will help you say no when you need to and call BS in a friendly way when something just isn’t ready for prime time.

Finally, we need more than a manager— to succeed here, you’ve got to be a creator and a doer. Your job will be to use the tools of a communications professional to help our teams drive measurable social impact while simultaneously expanding the organization’s reach and strengthening its reputation. It works best if you see the job as driving the cause forward, not just driving the brand forward. The brand matters; the cause matters more.


  • A brain that moves from strategy to the weeds and back— We’re a small team, and being a leader here often means getting in the weeds and helping folks get things done. That doesn’t mean you won’t be accountable for planning, visioning and strategy. We need someone who can do both!

  • A strong desire to make a BIG, measurable difference — We’re driven by the real and persistent feeling that we are THIS CLOSE to solving complex social problems like homelessness. To work here, you’ve got to believe it’s possible— really, truly possible— and you’ve got to be passionate about helping to make it happen. Pragmatists welcome, but no cynics, please!

  • Excellent, fast and adaptive writer — You’ll be writing op-eds and speeches for our president one minute and creating fun social media copy the next, usually without much time to plan. You should be very good at both writing and editing.

  • Experience managing complex PR projects and writing for publication — You’ll lead media strategy and be one of three people authorized to speak on the record. On the record experience is required.

  • Strong ability to think, plan and lead on your feet — You’ll regularly lead or co-lead 6-month communications planning and delivery cycles for our internal initiative teams, including our national Built for Zero campaign. You’ll need to become comfortable quickly with our problem-solving methodology and our approach to group planning. We’ll help you!

  • High threshold for direct communication and constructive criticism — We work on complex, iterative projects. We speak bluntly, we move fast, we have a great time and we don’t take feedback personally.

  • At least 4 to 5 years experience in communications — Ideally, you’ve worked on scrappy political campaigns or on small teams where you’ve had to wear many hats.

If you’re excited about the job, we’re excited to meet you! Send your resume, a short email introduction, and whatever else you’d like us to see (no cover letters please) to Jake Maguire at by March 31st. Thanks!

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