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Brigade – Digital Organizer (San Francisco)

San Francisco | Full-Time


The Digital Organizer will be a key member of the Politics Team at Brigade, helping drive national, state, and local campaigns and deepening Brigade’s presence among progressive voters, activists, policymakers, and the media.

You will work closely and collaboratively with our National Politics Director to support efforts to meet our company goals of driving user growth, retention, and impact. As our lead digital organizer, you will be responsible for making sure the Brigade community continues to grow and thrive by building and maintaining relationships with Brigade leaders and helping them more deeply engage their communities both on and offline through campaigns.


  • Drive user growth. Build and grow a base of Brigade group leaders who actively recruit fellow group members and support the campaigns created by our content partners.
  • Develop online leaders and organize communities. Build and maintain relationships with power users, organizations, activists, community members, and decision-makers to facilitate the use of Brigade for social change.
  • Deepen user engagement. Support Brigade group leaders with campaign escalation – coaching and advising them on taking their efforts to the next level by engaging their networks, sharing best organizing practices to move campaigns forward and ultimately influence elected officials.
  • Connect the dots on and offline. Develop relationships with progressive organizations and partners to support their work on Brigade and connect them with relevant Brigade communities to help amplify their campaign efforts.
  • Write compelling content. Write motivating content for emails to send to Brigade users that uses the power of storytelling and narrative to highlight key campaign victories and keeps our most active users deeply involved in campaigns.


  • Familiarity with and experience in online campaigning tactics, email list engagement, and cultivating/building membership or subscription programs
  • 4+ years experience in grassroots organizing, political campaigning, social activism, or community engagement
  • Demonstrated ability to collaborate with colleagues and outside organizations and be able to multi-task without sacrificing quality of work
  • Social media skills that show an ability to engage followers and create content that gains traction and shares
  • Experience juggling multiple campaigns in different phases of the campaign cycle and a demonstrated ability to adjust to changing priorities
  • Exceptional verbal, written, and visual communication skills


  • Purpose—the yearning to build a world-class campaign experience for Brigade that will change the face of our democracy
  • Passion for progressive politics and today’s most pressing political issues
  • Experience with both issue and electoral organizing
  • Familiarity with field database and/or CRM tools, like VAN or Salesforce


Brigade offers competitive salaries commensurate with experience and a very comprehensive package of benefits and perks.

Brigade is an equal opportunity employer.


Government has become one of the final frontiers for technological disruption. The more people use technology as consumers, the more they expect technology to shape their experience as citizens. Brigade believes that building a political network that connects voters for collective action will force our political system to be more accessible, transparent, and accountable. Our mission is to empower citizens to declare their beliefs, organize with like-minded people, and take action to shape the policies and elections that affect their lives. The challenge to wire up and scale a new social network of voters will involve a wide range of complex and seductive problems.

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