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Best Mattress For Relieving Sciatica


Sciatica is a problem associated with back pain caused by the irritation of the nerve roots that lead to the sciatic nerves. It is usually caused by a compressed nerve in the lower back.

It usually makes a person sleepless, hence this is a problem which has to be solved. Therefore, I did research to find the best solution for this problem. My research is based on the mattress to be used to solve scitlhca problem. In a survey conducted for 313 adults with sciatica in Spain They were given new mattresses. Some of the mattresses were firm and others were medium-firm mattresses. After 90 days ,the reports of the adults sleeping on medium-firm mattresses were;-had less pain in the morning while waking up -had little pain while asleep-day time back pain -they had less disability due to back pain

Therefore, the ADVANTAGE of a medium-firm mattresses it reduces low back pain. Since it has a good pressure which distributes pressure points on the body while lying on it. So pressure points are a significant factor when deciding on the suitable mattress to use.

However, the mattresses whicwhich are too soft are bad thpainhe too firm mattresses for sciatica . In another study of 30 women and 29 men.

For ten days they slept in their own beds and then they slept with the new medium-firm mattresses. There was significant improvement of sleep quality. From the survey, the best mattress for sciatica clik here to read more was medium firm mattresses In my other research I looked at the impact of water beds .memory foam and hard mattresses. From a survey conducted of 160 people.

This were the results:

1 People who had slept in the water beds and memory foam mattress had improved sleep quality due to the reduction of sciatica.

2.People with the hard mattress did not see any improvement. The hard mattress did not save the sciatica problem .

Also, I founded out in 2010 a study where patients bed where replaced with memory foam and latex The patients had improvements of the back pain.

So that showed the best mattress for sciatica was the on with MEMORY FOAM in it.

A latex mattress is considered the best for back pain

However when I was asking my friends on the type of mattresses they could use They said It depends with a person's sciatica problem which varies from one person to another. They all agreed to the fact that an ideal mattress is the one which supports the body and distributes weight in a uniform manner .Also ,a low quality mattress was an option for others but it could sag with time.

In conclusion, from my research on your topic ! recommend highly on the use of medium firm mattresses to relieve back pain.

It features are:

1 It has a medium foam in between.

2.lts neither too soft nor hard.

3.It is has layers of latex.

Its benefits are:

1 It is comfortable.

2.It distributes weight uniformly.

3.It has proper rest hence proper health during sleep.

Hence, when a person needs to avoid sciatica ,a medium-firm mattress will be suitable for such people.

Since, from my research I have found out its the favorite mattress for people with back pain.I did this research from pure and transparent statistics. Am ready to work for you again.

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